Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't blink!

In the blink of an eye........Liam changes.  Today he rolled over for the first time and then later in the day my doctor recommended starting him on cereal.  Just like that he is more mobile and eating solid foods.  I feel like yelling "STOP! STOP YOUR GROWING UP, STOP MOVING TOWARD BEING AN ADULT! "

I feel the same about Ridley.  We have conversations that I know some adults don't have.  Seriously, two days ago we were talking about happiness.  I have these moments when I look at him and find myself asking, "Who are you?  Where is my baby, Ridley?"  Being a mother has taught me to stop wishing for the future and enjoy today, right now, this minute, because before I know it my boys will be school age, in high school, adults making the world a better place, dating, in college, traveling the world,  getting married and having kids. (In that order mind you!  No, I'm only kidding-a little bit.)  Maybe just maybe I'm not wishing for the future, but kind of dreading it because I know one day they will grow up and leave.  Then in a moment that sadness goes away.  I stop and think about the pride and excitement of seeing them become adults and what that will entail.

What does this all mean?  Being a mother is the best and hardest role I will ever have and I'm glad. 

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